Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Must-Hear Song: 'Bone The Page'

Paul Hipp is a Tony-nominated actor, musician and director and a blogging colleague on the Huffington Post. But I tell you about him now because you really need to go here and listen to his new song, Bone The Page. It's performed to the tune of Bob Seger's 'Turn The Page' and is incredibly well done and funny.

Here's some of the lyrics:

On the information highway in your underwear
Typing with your left hand
Your right hand God knows where
You must be writing legislation to protect our kids from predators out there

And your thoughts will soon be wondering
The way they always do
To you riding sixteen year old boys
What's a congressman to do
When you don't feel much like voting
You just wish this vote was through

Here I am - On the net again
Here I am - Are you underage
Here I go - Republican Congressman
There I go - Bone the page
If you're at work, turn down the volumeā€¦ But you must hear this.