Thursday, November 09, 2006

All Done But The (Allen) Crying in Virginia

With the Associated Press, NBC News, and even Fox News now calling Democrat Jim Webb the winner of the Senate race in Virginia, it's all over but an announcement from George "Macaca" Allen, either conceding the race or announcing plans to kick the Republican election-stealing machine into gear.

Webb currently leads 1,172,538 votes to 1,165,302 for Allen, a difference of 7,236. Virginia has had only two statewide vote recounts ever and both resulted in insignificant changes in the vote totals. A recount is not automatically mandated in the state but candidates can request a recount if they finish a half-percentage point or less behind.

Allen may make an announcement one way or the other as early as this afternoon but, as of the January start of the 100th Congress, the Senate is now controlled by Democrats 51-49.

And it’s a hearty welcome we give to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Update: Allen has called a press conference for 3:00 PM (EST) today. Stay tuned!