Monday, January 29, 2007

First things first: Yes, I'm a military Veteran but, no, this does not mean that I will hold my fire against fellow Veterans whose views and positions I find repugnant. Such is the case with John McCain, who is a man I admire tremendously in the historical confines of his military service and the courage he displayed as a prisoner of war for over five years.

But that was then and this is now. Sadly, the man who displayed such courage in Vietnam and who is a highly-decorated Veteran, has gone on in his public life to become a shadow of that man and a shameless, double-talking, political hack.

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald and my friend, Democratic strategist Cliff Schecter, have launched a blog designed to peel away the layers of Teflon on John McCain and call him on everything that the corporate media chooses to ignore. It's called and, as it says in their blog banner, the site is designed to "Keep tabs on the REAL John McCain."

Let's face it, McCain is running for president in 2008 and, before he can even try to sell himself as a mainstream, moderate guy, it's important to let people know that he's a hard-core conservative and, unless that's what people are looking for, they need to carefully scrutinize his candidacy and his record.

And, as someone who covers the Unites States Senate, I can tell you that his Senate votes qualify him as every bit a George W. Bush conservative and, no matter what he says, he's no friend to the troops or to national security -- his votes don’t lie.

Hey, just look at the Bush-McCain Doctrine of escalating the disastrous war in Iraq -- enough said.

Check out's short video, "John McCain vs. John McCain"

So head on over to, check out the site and sign up for their mailing list -- because interesting times are on the way in 2007 and 2008!