Saturday, January 27, 2007

Republican Bond Says al Qaeda Will "Take Comfort" In Iraq Resolutions

With the ongoing Iraq debate and the nasty fight over the minimum wage, there were a lot of good speeches on the floor of the Senate last week -- what I'm about to describe was not one of them.

Republican Senator Kit Bond of Missouri took to the Senate floor to denounce the many anti-Iraq-war resolutions that are about to be considered and -- surprise, surprise! -- say that anyone proposing such measures is aiding and abetting the enemy.

"If the goal is to let the American people know we are uncomfortable with the situation in Iraq, I guess that makes for good politics. But, personally, I think it is wrong and irresponsible," said Bond. "It is irresponsible because if we approve this resolution, the whole world will be listening, including the worst actors in Iraq. We will be telling the Sunni terror cells and the Shia militias that America's political will is wavering."

And here comes the part that's like waiting for the other shoe to drop…

"If the members of al-Qaida in Iraq are finding themselves discouraged by the United States military's relentless pursuit, I am sure they will take comfort from these political gestures. If the Iraqis who support and encourage the Shia death squads are feeling the heat of United States-led and supported operations and are contemplating a compromise that might bring sectarian killing to an end, I am sure they will take comfort from the political gesture to hold on a little longer."

Like a bad rash that never seems to go away, it's the same old message from Republicans that if you oppose the Bush administration's disastrous management of the Iraq war, you're helping the terrorists.

And of the wave of legislation coming forward -- some of it sponsored or cosponsored by his fellow Republicans -- Bond says that the message it sends to the insurgents is that "the United States will not have the political will to outlast them."

Either that, or 70 percent of the American people and the majority of people in Congress are just sick of seeing our troops killed for nothing.