Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inhofe Again Equates Iraq With 9/11

Not content to look like an idiot last week by smearing Barack Obama's patriotism while at the Republican National Convention, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is at it again this week -- but this time he's going back to that old GOP standby of implying that what we're doing in Iraq has anything whatsoever to do with the attacks we suffered on September 11.

In a statement released yesterday, Inhofe patted Team Bush on the back for being willing to bring home a mere 8,000 troops from Iraq over the next six months and applauded their claim that they will actually begin paying a shred of attention to the true al Qaeda stronghold in Afghanistan.

He also took the time to once again link 9/11 and Iraq when discussing Bush's meager Iraq troop reduction and implied that Bush's "success" there has something to do with September 11 and any true "war on terror."

“Seven years ago this week, America felt the brutal acts of terror on our nation’s soil,” Inhofe said. “As we reflect and remember that horrific day this week, we can be encouraged that clear security gains have been made in the War on Terror. In particular, I appreciate the strong leadership of President Bush to keep our nation safe. Today’s announcements recognize the significant progress that’s been made and a plan for the road ahead in Afghanistan that stands as an important step in winning the War on Terror."

The fact that the "brutal acts" Inhofe talks about from 9/11 have nothing to do with Bush's actions in Iraq, never seems to stop Republicans from bringing the two together, does it?

He also used the opportunity to take a cheap shot at Democrats, who have been trying for years to get our troops home with their families and out of harm's way in the Republican war-for-nothing.

“Importantly, the ability for our troops to come home victors while leaving behind an increasingly stable democratic nation would never have been possible if the ‘cut-and-run’ crowd in Congress had been successful in their many attempts to set arbitrary withdrawal timelines and divert funds from our troops in combat," said Inhofe.

He wrapped it up with a ludicrous statement about supporting the troops, despite the many times he and his Republican colleagues have voted against bringing them home and caring for our newest Veterans once they return.

"As always, I will be fighting to ensure our troops have the best equipment, that they are cared for while deployed and at home, that their families are cared for, and that we continue to improve care for our wounded warriors and their families"

Funny guy.

If you want to donate to a very worthy cause -- like ushering Inhofe out of the Senate -- please visit the Act Blue page of his Democratic opponent in November, Andrew Rice and, if you can, throw in a few bucks to help unseat this disgrace to the U.S. Senate.