Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Saturday Cartoons

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In "State-Run Sacrament," Right-Wing Ralphie shows how anti-gay bigotry really does support heterosexual marriageā€¦

Click on the screenshot above or go here to see it.

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And our friends at Headzup give us their take on the get-together between Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Dick Cheney this week.

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And The Onion brings us home with one that's a couple of weeks old but is still good: Barbara Bush Runs Aground Off Coast Of Maine:

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Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle
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Matt Davies, NY Journal News
Walt Handelsman, Newsday
Paul Jamiol, Jamiol's World
Chan Lowe, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Mike Luckovich, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Jack Ohman, Portland Oregonian
Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Bill Sanders, Retired Syndicated Cartoonist
Ben Sargent, Austin American-Statesman