Wednesday, February 23, 2005

AARP in the New Republican Axis of Evil

If, as republicans assert, they are the party of mainstream America, we've got a real hate problem going.

The same group that proudly brought you the daily fabrications of the Swift Boat Liars against John Kerry, has now begun producing hateful ads against -- believe it or not -- the AARP. You see, the AARP had the temerity to come out in strong opposition to George Bush's scheme to privatize social security, which naturally leaves them open to low-rent attacks normally reserved for Democratic political candidates.

USA Next, the same conservative lobbying group that funneled cash to the Swift Boat Liars, is the money behind an ad that appeared Monday in the online version of The American Spectator. The ad shows a combat-ready U.S. soldier in one window with two gay men kissing in an adjoining panel. The picture of the soldier has a big red X on it, while the picture of the gay men (in tuxedos and obviously having just been married) had a big checkmark on it. The text banner at the bottom says "The REAL AARP Agenda" and the implication is clear: That the AARP loves gay folks and hates the troops.

Here's the ad:

While I'm sure it will take republicans some time to raise their scum quotient beyond what they did to Senator Kerry in the 2004 election, this at least shows that we still know how the "mainstream Americans" on the political right operate. We can only hope that any of the 36 million AARP members who voted for Bush last year will experience the betrayal and guilt they should rightfully feel and remember to vote for a different party every chance they get from now on.

Stay tuned. The social security fight has a lot of money at stake for Bush and his gang and the republican scum tsunami will undoubtedly get even larger.