Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Harry Reid: Too Accommodating or Brilliant?

As I've taken a quick tour of my fellow bloggers' sites, it's obvious to me that many may disagree with me for castigating Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for his attempts at compromise with Bill Frist on the filibuster issue.

The prevailing sentiment seems to be that Reid is a wily old dog who knew Karl Rove would nuke any deal and that the Democrats would be able to claim the high road when this situation goes to hell in a handbasket.

I hope that's right and I'm wrong.

The primary flaw I see in that reasoning is the notion that we will achieve any credit with the voting public for attempting to compromise. We have reached across the metaphorical aisle many times more than the Republicans, only to have that hand urinated upon. How much did that ever buy us?

But I have the greatest respect for the larger experience of more-prominent bloggers and especially those operating inside the Beltway. For the sake of our party, I truly hope that this turns out to be Senator Reid taking Frist -- and me! -- to school on political positioning.