Friday, April 22, 2005

Another Conservative Reader Puts Me In My Place

A concerned reader writes...

Dear Dog,

All you liberals can do is complain about George Bush and the Republicans. I know how much you hate God being brought back into our goverment [sic] but can't you do something other than write negative things about our country?

Lets [sic] see you write something positive or would that be too hard for a Democrat to do?


To which I reply...

Dear Tnman1963;

OK, I'll write something positive:

I'm positive that George W. Bush is the worst president of my lifetime.

I'm positive that the 9/11 Commission and Senate Intelligence Committee have ratified that we attacked Iraq for no reason.

I'm positive that we are less safe and that more terrorists have been created because of the war with Iraq.

I'm positive that the bulk of the world loved us in September 2001 and hates us now.

I'm positive we had eight years of the biggest economic expansion in America's history before Bush took over.

I'm positive your president turned the biggest budget surplus in U.S. history into the biggest deficit.

I'm positive that the Republicans in congress do not stand for the middle class in this country and that defeating the minimum-wage increase was yet another kick in the groin to working people.

And finally...

I'm positive my seven-year-old son is a better writer than many of you conservatives who clog my e-mail box.

There. How was that?

Thanks for reading!

The Yellow Dog Democrat