Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Local: It's Mayor Malloy -- Again!

Just to keep the local readers in the loop, Irvington Mayor Erin Malloy once again got a vote of confidence from the New York State Supreme Court yesterday.

Judge Joan Lefkowitz ordered the town to certify the election and formally declare Malloy the winner. However, she left the door open to yet another kick at the can by outgoing Mayor Dennis Flood by delaying the effectiveness of her order for two days. This gives Flood time to hit the Appellate Division in Brooklyn as a last attempt at retaining power.

I'm sure he will do exactly that and our celebration of Malloy's victory will be again delayed.

But that celebration will come and, when it does, it will be larger than the Mayoral election in a small New York town would suggest. It will be a Democratic victory over the usual Republican modus operandi of keeping votes from being counted -- and that is something to truly celebrate.