Friday, June 17, 2005

Are Walls Closing In On Bush And Company?

Are you feeling it? It's the feeling of the tide starting to turn in Washington, D.C.

After yesterday's gripping Downing Street Memo hearing, the top story on Yahoo News last night proclaimed Democrat Urges Inquiry on Bush, Iraq.

I watched the entire thing via streaming video on C-SPAN 3 and it was riveting to hear members of congress using such blunt language, including the phrases we've been waiting to hear like "high crimes" and "impeachment proceedings."

Afterwards, Representative John Conyers delivered a letter to the White House, signed by 560,000 citizens and over 100 members of Congress, demanding answers to the questions raised by the Downing Street Memo.

The hearing was also mentioned on almost all news shows last night. It was the top segment on the Today Show this morning -- even over Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting engaged -- and let's hope this continues to gather steam over the weekend!