Monday, August 29, 2005

Blue State Losses Give Moral Authority For Protests

Editor's Note: For the first time in this blog's history, we have pulled the post you may be looking for based on reader feedback. More specifically, we have decided to delete this piece (for possible rewrite) based on an e-mail from a military mother, who felt the tone and content minimized the sacrifice of people serving in Iraq and who happen to be from Red States.

While we believe the article had statistical, social and topical merit, it is not the intent of the Yellow Dog Blog to cause pain to parents already grappling with the daily burden of worrying about a child far from home.

We have never pulled a piece based on negative reader feedback -- and may never do so again -- but, in this case, the correspondence was so thoughtful and poignant that it seems the correct thing to do.

The woman who wrote asked that we not use her name or republish her e-mail and we will respect that request.