Sunday, August 28, 2005

How The Right Wing Treats Cindy Sheehan

If you want to know why we need to continue fighting alongside Cindy Sheehan and encourage more people to join in our efforts, you need look no further than the disgusting artillery deployed against Cindy yesterday in Crawford.

Howard Kaloogian, founder of the Republican front group Move America Forward, whipped the pro-war crowd into a frenzy yesterday by – what else? – assailing the patriotism of all who don't go along with George W. Bush.

"The terrorists that are watching Cindy Sheehan's protest believe that this is something that might topple the current administration." Kaloogian said. "And I have a question that I want the media to begin asking Cindy Sheehan: How many more American soldiers are going to die because you are giving hope and encouragement to our enemies?"

Fake patriots in action

And the signs were even worse. Reporters on the scene cite the following examples of signs displayed yesterday that show very specifically how conservatives and the Republican party treat a soldier's grieving mother. (Link is source of information.)

This is what we're dealing with. It's time for Democrats, liberals and all who believe in our country's true values to dig in for one hell of a fight over the coming weeks and months.