Thursday, September 08, 2005

Arianna Huffington: Now's Exactly The Time To Point Fingers

Here's a good follow-up to the discussion on the Bush administration's silly attempts to move attention away from their incompetence by saying that critics are unfairly playing the "blame game" and "pointing fingers."

Arianna Huffington writes yesterday about why "Now Is Precisely the Time for Finger-Pointing."

An excerpt:

"He [Bush] makes it sound as if anyone interested in trying to figure out what went so horribly wrong in the aftermath of Katrina is somehow impeding the recovery. As if we can't help the victims and analyze the debacle at the same time. As if any time spent by reporters ferreting out the truth -- and by Congress overseeing -- would otherwise be spent tossing sandbags on the levee, disinfecting the Superdome, or driving evacuees to Houston."

"As if those seeking answers will have blood on their hands."

"This is clearly going to be a very long recovery process. And the sooner we've identified those responsible for the Katrina tragedy, the sooner we can make sure they're not around to screw up the recovery."
Tell it, Arianna!