Tuesday, October 25, 2005

CNN Reports 2,000 Military Dead In Iraq

CNN is reporting that, with two deaths over the weekend, out nation has hit the grim milestone of 2,000 military dead in Iraq.

According to the Department of Defense, the most recent deaths were Lance Cpl. Kenneth J. Butler, 19, of Rowan, N.C., who died near Al Amariyah and Cpl. Seamus M. Davey, 25, of Lewis, N.Y., who was killed in the vicinity of Haqlaniyah. Both were killed by improvised explosive devices.

2,000 American families now live with a most unimaginable pain because of the hidden agendas, ideological policies and confirmed lies of the Bush administration.

And, while we observe that horrible toll, the president is on live television once again implying that the war is justified, that Iraq is somehow linked to the attacks our country suffered on September 11 and that the deaths of these brave men and women were for a noble cause.

Despite the fake-patriotic rhetoric of those on the Right, we do not honor these sacrifices by remaining silent about these lies and the cruel fact that the families of these lost souls cannot even live with the comfort of knowing the truth behind their loved-ones' deaths.

Are you going to be quiet about this? I'm not.