Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Reid Big, Frist Small

In a “no more reaching across the damn aisle” move that almost made me weep, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called the Senate into closed session yesterday afternoon to demand answers on the Republican whitewash of corrupt pre-war intelligence that led the U.S. to the Iraq war. Invoking the little-known Senate Rule 21, that allows any Senator to called for a closed session, Reid shut down the Senate for almost three hours to bring public attention to Republican stalling on investigating intelligence manipulation.

But my hope is that all Americans look at how each leader conducted themselves yesterday and ask serious questions about whose agenda is truly that of a concerned American.

While Harry Reid expressed indignation at the way Republicans have placed America – and the world – in harm’s way, Frist was like a spoiled child whose sole focus was how offended he was personally by the action.

"The United States Senate has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership," Majority leader Frist cried. "Never have I been slapped in the face with such an affront to the leadership of this grand institution."

And, despite defeating almost every Democratic initiative in the Senate this year based purely on partisanship, Frist was suddenly aghast at Reid’s unwillingness to reach across the aisle, saying "...every other time there has been at least consideration to the other side of the aisle."

Good heavens. Even the staunchly-conservative was embarrassed by the display.

“So, Harry Reid and the Dems forced the Senate into closed session to try and link the Libby indictments to Iraq war intelligence and keep them in the media. What does Frist do? He gets in front of the cameras and calls it a ‘slap in the face.’ Whining like a three year old,"

Harry Reid: Big

Bill Frist: Small
Meanwhile, Reid was the pugnacious boxer he once was, putting the emphasis solely on what this all means to the country and not him personally.

"2,025 Americans soldiers are dead... A war costing us more than $2 billion a week. I think the American people are entitled to know how we got there. That's what this is all about

“It's a slap in the face to the American people that this has been... this investigation has been stymied -- stopped, obstructions thrown up every step of the way. That's the real slap in the face. And today the American people are going to see a little bit of a light. On November 14, we're going to have a phase by phase idea of how they're going to completely this – finally. Finally.

"This Republican Senate does no oversight. None. It is all part of a plan. They obstruct, they take orders from the White House. They do nothing without getting orders from the White House. The separation of powers doctrine is something that does not exist in this town with the Republican controlled House, Senate and, of course the president."

To see a Democratic leader stand up and sock the Republican leadership right in the kisser like this was almost better than sex.

Go to Crooks and Liars to see full video of the press conference Reid gave afterwards.

I have such a resurgence in hope today and, best of all, Reid will not even entertain thoughts of apologizing for his actions

“I have absolutely no regret. Zero regret,” said Reid. “The American people had a victory today.”