Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stranded Motorists You Should Not Help: Number 411

My friend, Larry Baker, in the San Francisco Bay Area wrote me yesterday to vent about a bumper sticker he spied "...on the back of an SUV of course."

As I always say, if you see a broken-down car with this bumper sticker affixed, keep driving. They do not deserve your help.

Larry goes on to rant about the sentiment behind that charming little slogan:
Gee, let's see, just off the top of my head, these are some of my values:
  • Number One: Treating others the way you yourself would want to be treated
  • Equality for all
  • Protection of privacy
  • Security for the country
  • A healthy environment
  • Telling the truth
  • Caring for others, especially those less fortunate than you - giving to charities like Habitat for Humanity
  • Health care for all
  • A fair and balanced government
  • Separation of Church and State
  • Freedom of Religion
  • The right to dissent
  • Freedom of Speech
I'd like to know which of these are not family values, and why. I can understand if someone has the intelligence to argue a specific point, but these moronic, infantile slogans trying to demonize liberalism are just so small minded, childish and pathetic. I guess stealing 2.4 million dollars is a family value.
Larry is obviously referring to former Congressman – as of Monday – Randy "Duke" Cunningham, an eight-term Republican stalwart, who pleaded guilty to graft on Monday, admitting he took $2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors in exchange for government business and other favors.

C'mon, Larry.... In the GOP household, that's not only a family value, it's a way of life, Baby!

Thanks to Larry for the note and please drop me a line at if you spot a bumper sticker we should all know about.