Saturday, December 17, 2005

Vote in The Kippies

I normally take the weekend off after posting the Saturday cartoon round-up, but the always-good The Poor Man blog has done something so good, I just can't wait until Monday.

Introducing The Kippies – "brought to you by your friends at Diebold" – in which you can vote in the following categories:
Chickenhawk of the Year: Obviously a tough choice when dealing with Republicans, but this is where you cast your vote for the right-winger who most exemplifies the GOP mentality of "Make war – but please don't involve me!" The nominees include Michelle Malkin, "Mean" Jean Schmidt, Andrew Sullivan and, of course, the Chickenhawk-in-Chief. But my vote went for the Young Republicans, who have the youth and opportunity to back up their big talk, but somehow never seem to do it.

The Fluffy: This award, for the "Bush-Fluffer" of the year, is for the person most consistently giving the president metaphorical oral sex.

The Purple Teardrop with Clutched Pearls cluster: This one's for the conservative whiner of the year – another tough choice.

The Soggy Biscuit Award: Also known by the authors as the "Circle-Jerk of The Year" award, this contest is for the biggest selection of people who just don't get it – and try to make you equally clueless.

Wank of the Year: "Wank of the Year" celebrates the single, biggest act of conservative stupidity – obviously a massive group from which to choose.

The Coveted Palme d’Hair: What The Poor Man calls "the most prestigious award on the internets," this contest will reward the person with the greatest body of work in being a total tool.
Please go vote. But budget a fair amount of time as the sheer volume of deserving recipients makes this quite a difficult bunch of decisions.