Monday, January 23, 2006

More Rachel Maddow

I talked about Rachel Maddow on Friday and how much I love her work on Air America. Specifically, I mentioned her show that morning, when she bashed the talking heads at MSNBC for ignoring Osama bin Laden's threats to America (in his latest podcast) and instead focusing on ridiculous comparisons between bin Laden and the Democratic party.

Well, Ms. Maddow got to take it directly to Tucker Carlson on his show, The Situation, that night and Crooks and Liars has the video. Here's some excerpts:
Maddow: Listen, first of all, it‘s a direct threat. He‘s saying you have occupied our land, defiled our honor, violated our dignity, blah, blah, blah. We will treat you in the same way.

Carlson: Yes, but that‘s the boilerplate. He always says that.

Maddow: He‘s coming out and he‘s threatening the United States.

Carlson: Right.

Maddow: That‘s the headline today, right? Osama bin Laden threatens the United States. At the same time this is directed to the American people. This isn‘t a speech to George Bush. This is a speech to you and I.

Carlson: Yes. That‘s the interesting thing.

Maddow: And so he‘s citing things that are coming up in American politics. Yes, he says things. He criticizes George W. Bush. You guys are interpreting that as Osama criticizes Bush. Ted Kennedy criticizes Bush. Therefore, Osama loves Ted.

Carlson: No, no, no.

Maddow: It‘s ridiculous.
Maddow then points out the transparent hypocrisy of people like Carlson saying bin Laden sounds like a Democrat, yet ignoring other things he says that sound like they came from Republican National Committee talking points:
Maddow: Well, what about when he says this is not confined to Iraq. Iraq is a point of attraction and recruitment for qualified workers.

Carlson: Yes.

Maddow: This is a global war on terror. This is a war that is for you or for us to win. You need patience to be in this long war that is going to last generations.

Carlson: Only one of us will win.

Maddow: He sounds like Ken Mehlman when he‘s saying that. This is ridiculous.

Carlson: I‘m going to blow by that comment. But I will say—you...
Of course, that hypocritical ass, Carlson, is going to "blow by that comment" because he knows it's true. The difference between us and them is that you don't hear Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi saying that bin Laden sounds just like George W. Bush.

It's good to have Maddow on our side. You can catch the rest of her spanking Carlson here.