Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Bad Bush Poll (Yawn)

I’m going to keep this short as I don’t suppose it will be news to anyone that another poll has been released – this time, a CBS News poll, conducted March 9-12 – that shows George W. Bush’s approval rating dropping faster than a Republican can kick an elderly or disabled person.

You can look for some new, contrived terror alerts any day now because this poll shows that only 34 percent of the American people continue to give President Bush high marks for the way he is handling his job as president.

I know, this is getting repetitious. Bush getting low approval ratings is about as newsworthy as Scott McClellan lying his ass off at a White House press briefing.

In another telling sign that the American people actually have been reading the newspapers, 64 percent of respondents say that it “won’t make any difference” to U.S. safety if Iraq becomes a stable Democracy – a clear signal that most people aren’t buying the nonsense that the Iraq war truly has anything to do with a “war on terror.”

In addition, when commenting on what appropriate troop levels should be in Iraq, 59 percent said either that the numbers should be decreased or that the U.S. should remove all troops, while 54 percent say we should never have gone to Iraq.

Finally – and this is consistent with every other major poll done lately – 66 percent of Americans say that the direction of the country is on the “wrong track.”

Let’s hope Americans remember this when the elections roll around in November.