Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ThinkProgress: Fox News Devoted 12 Times More Coverage To Anna Nicole Than Walter Reed

If you want to know why the IQ of the average Fox News viewer starts low and continues to get worse as they get their fill from the Republican National Committee's unofficial media arm, there may at least be a partial answer here.

Our friends at ThinkProgress surveyed coverage devoted by Fox, MSNBC and CNN to both the Walter Reed story and Anna Nicole Smith non-story -- a full three weeks after her death -- on Friday and found that Fox did 12 times as many pieces on Anna Nicole as they did on the important emerging story on neglect of wounded troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

MSNBC stopped short of being a real news channel, but still did substantially better than Fox, mentioning Anna Nicole 96 times to 84 references to conditions at Walter Reed.

Here's the chart from ThinkProgress:

We can at least breathe a sigh of relief that CNN actually thought how our troops are being treated when they return home for medical care was more important than the funeral of Anna Nicole Smith.

Fine work, Fox and MSNBC. Unbelievable.

ThinkProgress has assembled a video of what it calls the "lowlights from Friday’s coverage" and you can watch it here.