Sunday, May 27, 2007

Andy Card Honored By Being Booed Off Stage

I don’t know who the genius was at the University of Massachusetts who decided it would be a good idea to bestow an honorary degree on one of the main architects of the worst presidential administration in U.S. history, but they were certainly set straight by those in attendance.

Andrew Card, who was George W. Bush's Chief of Staff for five years, was booed off the stage by students and faculty when he was announced at the UMass graduating ceremony on Friday. Students wore placards denouncing Card and even campus administrators sitting on the stage participated, holding up signs that said "Card: No Honor, No Degree."

Have a look… The raucous demonstration starts at about the halfway point of this video:

I suppose the leadership in Amherst thought it would be a good idea to mar the most important day in these students' academic lives by honoring someone who enabled the lies and politics that led to the Iraq war -- I'm sure they know better now.