Thursday, September 18, 2008

Must-Watch Video From Obama Campaign

Look, we all get a little sick to our stomachs when we think about the next Bush (John McCain) possibly being elected on November 4 and it can be easy to let that keep us in a state of mild anxiety -- and not acting as aggressively as we should right now.

If you feel that way these days, this video is for you. It's a strategy update by Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe and far more than just giving us rah-rah sentiments, Plouffe gives some very encouraging facts on why we should continue to work hard and have hope about this election.

Such as:
  • In the critical state of Pennsylvania, more than 320,000 new Democrats have registered to vote in 2008, while the Republicans have lost 60,000 voters. That's a huge new advantage and it bodes very well for our side in this key battleground state.
  • Bush won Nevada by 22,000 votes in 2004. That year, there were 5,000 more Republicans than Democrats registered to vote in Nevada. Today, there are 50,000 more Democrats registered in that state.
Of course, the video ends with an appeal for donations because, like it or not, elections are won with cash these days. And if, like me, you've been lulled into thinking that Obama has much more money than McCain with 49 days left until the election, you would, like me, be wrong.

Obama has raised more but, as this article points out, our candidate may be "ā€¦outgunned by the Republican money machine."

So I join Plouffe in his plea. I just went out and made another donation and will also donate every penny in ad revenue this site makes in the two months ending November 4 -- and I'm hoping you'll pitch in too.

If you can spare even ten dollars, it's crunch time and now's the time to give it up.

Here's the whole Plouffe strategy update: