Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama To Speak Directly To Nation On Economy

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama today announced that he will begin running a two-minute television ad throughout the country in which he will speak directly to the American people about their economic challenges and his plan for relief. This is exactly what many of us hoped he would do and taking his message directly to the people -- and not counting on the corporate media to consistently report serious issues -- should make great strides for his campaign.

Notably, he doesn’t even mention John McCain.

"The truth is that while you've been living up to your responsibilities Washington has not," says Obama in the ad. "That's why we need change. Real change. This is no ordinary time and it shouldn't be an ordinary election. But much of this campaign has been consumed by petty attacks and distractions that have nothing to do with you or how we get America back on track."

Here's the ad: