Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama In The Virginia Rain

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama gave an electrifying speech in Fredericksburg Virginia on Saturday and thoroughly captured the roaring crowd of 25,000 while continuing to speak on an open stage under an unrelenting downpour.

Here's the next president:
"We've fought, we’ve struggled before. Our nation has faced difficult times. We've stood out in the midst of storms and bad weather. But at each of those moments, we've risen to meet the challenge because we've never forgotten that fundamental truth that here in America our destiny is not written for us, it is written by us.

"I am running for president of the United States because the dreams of the American people are too important to have eight more years, four more years, one more year of this nonsense -- it is time for change in America. Enough is enough."
The speech was a bit over 26 minutes and, while I'm a lousy video editor, I've put some of the key moments in a four-minute clip:

Can you imagine John McCain inspiring people to stand in a driving rain for more than five seconds? Didn't think so.

You can go here to see the whole speech -- it's well worth your time.