Friday, October 03, 2008

Even At, Biden Won

Good heavens, even in an online poll that's got the be "freeped" to the max, the people visiting the Fox/Fixed/Faux News elections web site think Joe Biden prevailed over Sarah 'you-betcha' Palin in Thursday night's vice presidential debate.

As of 1:00 pm EDT Friday afternoon, over 260,000 people had weighed in and 57 percent of them thought Joe Biden won the debate.

Sure, most of us know that this is the truth -- given how Biden talked about struggling middle-class families, ending the Iraq war, the economy and America's position in the world, while Palin said "maverick" a lot -- but I'm blown away to see that even the people who think Fox is a credible news source can absorb some reality. And that's considering how crazily skewed toward Palin these results would be.

With all the online polls and the more-scientific surveys all showing that Biden won handily, let's see how the McCain-Palin lie machine spins this over the weekend.