Thursday, October 02, 2008

Shouldn't McCain Joke About Bombing Iran Come Up In Next Debate?

It was a brief moment and a joke made by Republican presidential candidate John McCain at a campaign stop, but how on earth can it not be relevant when a person vying for any national office jokes about bombing another country?

And isn't it especially important given the state of our global foreign policy, the status of our overextended military and the fact that when McCain kids about blasting Iran, he's also talking about a country that poses an ongoing and material diplomatic challenge to the United States?

Somebody at one of the remaining two presidential debates needs to ask McCain something like this: "Senator, you once joked at a campaign stop about bombing Iran, even singing it to the tune of an old Beach Boys song. Doesn’t that kind of 'humor' from someone running to be president and Commander-in-Chief raise serious questions about your judgment, diplomacy and fitness for the office?"

After all, this is a man who wants to be the actual President of the United States and not someone running for lead speaker in the local frat-house debate society.

And here's a memo to Gwen Ifill, who I'm sure will very ably moderate the vice presidential debate tonight: Isn’t this a valid question for John McCain's running mate?