Monday, October 06, 2008

How Low Will Mitch McConnell Go?

OK, so with Mitch McConnell (R-KY) being one of the Republican party's leaders and with the GOP taking such glee at seeing if they can lower the scum-slinging bar even more with each election cycle, I guess my headline is about as rhetorical as it gets. But the Senate's Republican leader is locked in a tight race with Democrat Bruce Lunsford and he's getting worried enough to start twisting the words of elderly Veterans to make his case to Kentucky voters.

McConnell has been running ads critical of Valor Healthcare, a company that provides cutting-edge medical care to nearly 60,000 veterans across the country and where Lunsford was once CEO and where he remains a director.

You know, the usual: Make the Democratic candidate look unpatriotic and like he hates our troops.

But one of the Veterans he used in those ads, Adolfo Piña, a Navy veteran who served his country in World War II, says his words were wrongly used by McConnell’s campaign in the ads attacking Lunsford.

“Valor clinic is doing very good for me here in Texas City,” said the elderly Piña. “They’re doing a good job by taking care of our needs, they’re taking very good care of my needs and I’m just one of the thousands of veterans of World War II. The McConnell people interviewed me and took my words out of context. And I don’t appreciate that. They did exactly what I told them not to do.”

Piña is appearing in a new ad for the Lunsford campaign, where he condemns the cynical McConnell for using America's Veterans to smear a political opponent. Have a look:

This is what happens when it gets tight for McConnell, who is locked in a dead heat with Lunsford according to two polls released last week by the Courier-Journal and Survey USA.

“McConnell has stooped to a new low,” said Lunsford spokesman Cary Stemle. “This is the mother of all McCON jobs: He exploited our veterans for political gain, conning Adolfo Piña into appearing in an ad attacking Valor Healthcare, even though Piña is happy with his care at Valor."

"What kind of senator exploits our veterans for political gain? McConnell’s desire to hold onto power knows no bounds; 24 years of this is enough.”

Let's hope that even in a deep-red state like Kentucky, voters know more about shame than Senator McConnell seems capable of grasping.