Monday, October 27, 2008

Joe Biden, Meet Right-Wing Media Hack

Television anchor Barbara West of WFTV in Orlando is a TV news minor-leaguer obviously hoping to get called up to the big leagues of right-wing media -- Fox News. That's the only way we can explain Joe Biden being forced to take West to school late last week when she conducted an interview with the Democratic vice presidential nominee in which every one of her questions appeared to come from McCain-Palin talking points.

She grilled Biden about the non-existent relationship between ACORN and the Obama campaign, invoked the discredited "Joe The Plumber" and even quoted Karl Marx in an attempt to paint Obama as a Marxist.

"Are you joking?" said an incredulous Biden to that last one. "Is this a joke or is that a real question?"

Have a look:

Oh, and by the way, West just happens to be married to well-known GOP donor and Republican strategist, Wade West -- and I would bet a year's worth of her peroxide dye jobs that she got her questions for this interview right from hubby.

With eight days to go, if this is the best the Republicans can throw at Obama-Biden, no wonder they're about to have their asses handed to them on November 4th.