Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Book, New Blog

I may come back to covering the U.S. Senate at some point but am now working on a book that focuses on the human aspect of  post-war America and, much more specifically, the real impact the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have had on two primary groups:  Returning war Vets and the families of those we lost in one of these wars.

I will be profiling Veterans who have returned home and what has happened, for better or worse, in their lives – their joys, struggles, victories and defeats.  I will also be taking an in-depth look at families who have had to make the sad adjustment to losing a loved one to war  -- and all that entails, emotionally, practically and even financially.

But, as I've done my homework, the project has expanded to include the consequences of all of this on distinct groups like interpreters, clergy, medical professionals and others who also served and have also been impacted by these wars.

This will all be written with the sensibilities of a Veteran as I am one myself.

So come on over to When The Shooting Stops.  It may not be as partisan as you've become accustomed to with me but, you never know,  doing the right thing by our Veterans and military families may just be something we can all agree on.