Saturday, September 03, 2005

How To Help Louisiana Quickly

My friends at the incredibly erudite BlondeSense are taking help straight to the people of Louisiana.

Joanna (Anntichrist S Coulter) of BlondeSense blog has been shopping for supplies and delivering them to shelters in Baton Rouge which are severely running out of
supplies. She also plans to get to New Orleans by Monday to work with Habitat for Humanity and deliver more supplies personally to various shelters.

Here's how you can contribute if you or any of your friends would like to donate something to help her out with her purchases, or if you know some rich people who want to chip in: You can write to her at for Western Union wiring information or you can write to my blogging buddy, Liz Smith, at BlondeSense at

Here's the more direct route I just took, given that I totally trust Liz and the good people at BlondeSense: Since Joanna – who's actually doing the drivin, luggin' and deliverin' -- doesn't have PayPal, Liz will wire money to Joanna in Louisiana from her PayPal account.

Liz's PayPal account is under

You can read Joanna's personal plea – and how she's doing the good deed here.

We're all obviously being bombarded with donation requests for the victims of Hurricane Katrina... But this is an example of truly takin' it to the streets and getting the assistance from your hands straight to our brothers and sisters down South as fast as possible. Just good liberals, doing a good deed and giving directly to the people who need it most – minus any shred of organizational or political bureaucracy.

Please give it some thought – and than act.