Friday, September 02, 2005

Here's One Democratic Senator – Where Are The Rest?

It was good to hear at least one Democratic Senator speaking out loudly yesterday in favor of the people of Louisiana and Mississippi and against the Bush administration's inept response to Hurricane Katrina.

Here's Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey:

"President Bush's wake-up call came awfully late. We are watching this devastation unfold on our televisions for days and you have to ask, where is the federal government? The National Guard's first priority must always be to protect people at home. We should have had a significant amount of troops and supplies there on the ground Monday.

"It was not enough for the president to bank his plane and look at the window and say, 'Oh, what a devastating sight.' Instead of looking out the window of an airplane, he should have been on the ground giving the people devastated by this hurricane hope."

Don't we have 43 other Democratic Senators? Where the hell are they?