Thursday, September 01, 2005

Senator Mary Landrieu True To Form

Senator Mary Landrieu, a mainstay on the Yellow Dog Blog's monthly Senate Weasel Meter, lived down to expectations when appearing with Anderson Cooper on CNN tonight.

Rather than go after Team Bush like a pit bull and protecting her constituents, Landrieu gives Bush a verbal blow job by thanking him not once, but twice for mumbling platitudes while her people live in filth, starve and die of thirst. Cooper goes after her, incredulous that she can thank people who have done nothing to help people in her state under these dire circumstances.

As always, Crooks and Liars has the video – thanks, guys!

We've given up thinking Landrieu will ever act like a Democrat, but her fawning over Bush's inaction shows the ultimate political cowardice. I hope the people of Louisiana move to recall her when this is all over.

Unbelievably, Landrieu thanks Bush a second time by saying "I want to thank the president. He will be here tomorrow -- we think."

You think? I guess he'll swing by if he can't get together a foursome for golf or if there's no brush left to clear in Crawford.

Shame on you, Landrieu. You're a disgrace to the Democratic party.