Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's Official: Strongest Drugs Are In Utah

President Bush may be mired in the area of 38 percent approval rating nationwide but, in redder-than-red Utah, he's still flying pretty high. Bush is more popular in Utah than any other state, garnering a staggering 61 percent approval rating in the most recent SurveyUSA Poll. The next closest is Idaho where 55 percent of respondents think the president is doing a swell job.

The Yellow Dog Blog is still confirming reports that 61 percent of Utah residents also believe that Elvis is still alive and SpongeBob-Squarepants is gay.

Josh Nell, of Herriman Utah, doesn't discern any correlation between Bush being in office and things going badly: "I would say he's doing pretty good, especially with all the stuff that's happened. He's handling it pretty well," said Nell.

So, despite Utah's reputation for being somewhat staid and puritanical, I think these poll numbers can only make us believe that they must lead the nation in chronic pot smoking – and it must be some damn fine marijuana indeed.

Note to the 39 percent (or less) who are better connected to reality. Move East or West – you don't belong in Utah.