Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Saturday Cartoons

I have not one, but two, excellent animations for you today… The first is by Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle, who's also president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists and pokes fun at the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama rivalry via a take-off on "New Sensation" by INXS.

Have a look:

The next is from the always-funny Mark Fiore who checks in with an offering on George "Veto Accomplished" Bush.

Click on the screenshot above or go here to view the Fiore animation.

P.S. And speaking of unintentional cartoons… My friend, Cliff Schecter, went slumming over to TownHall and have a look at what Cliff found when he turned over one of the rocks there. You know the saying, Cliff, you open up a right-wing web site, you ought not be surprised when something slithers out.

* * * * *

All cartoons are posted with the artists' express permission to Please visit the following sites to see more work from these fine cartoonists:

Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle
Tony Auth, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Justin Bilicki, City Pulse
Jeff Danziger, Syndicated Political Cartoonist
Paul Jamiol, Jamiol's World
Mike Luckovich, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Jim Morin, Miami Herald
Jack Ohman, Portland Oregonian
Dwane Powell, Raleigh News & Observer
Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Ben Sargent, Austin American-Statesman.
Ann Telnaes, Syndicated Political Cartoonist