Friday, June 15, 2007

Jon Stewart Nails Tony Snow Lying

I've spent a lot of time over the last two years making fun of the blatant lying done by White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and his predecessor, Scott "The Lyin' King" McClellan. And it can be frustrating to watch them day after day, know they've just said something that flies directly in the face of something they said days or weeks or months before and not be able to put the video together to illustrate the point.

Thank heavens for Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. Given that the White House press corps seems to be asleep at the wheel so much of the time, we have to count on Comedy Central to spotlight Snow's weaseling and here's a great example of it.

Stewart catches Snow saying that he has never said that the eight U.S. Attorneys fired by Alberto Gonzales's Justice Department were dismissed based on job performance -- and then rolls the video from three months before of Snow saying precisely that.

We know that this is a White House that lies more often than Rush Limbaugh bribes his local pharmacist, but it's good to see it spelled out so clearly.

Please go to Crooks and Liars and take a look. It's a thing of beauty.