Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Is The Constitution Worth It?

Dave Johnson at Seeing The Forest has a great piece up this afternoon that discusses a conference call we had with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week and what was said when the dialog turned to impeachment of George W. Bush. Dave follows that by asking whether Bush's commutation of his buddy Scooter Libby's prison sentence for perjury and obstruction of justice increases the need to act on this administration even more.

"Many argue that impeachment will distract the Congress from passing a progressive agenda. That is a pipe dream. The Republicans in the Senate are blocking everything. The President will veto anything that passes. And if something somehow manages to become law the Republicans and the President will just ignore it anyway," writes Dave. "And now there is yet another action against the Rule of Law. Not long after that conversation the President used his power to keep a convicted and sentenced crony out of jail - also removing any incentive to testify against the President and Vice President."

"And here we are. We are at a moment in our history where we can choose to restore ourselves as a nation of laws, or we can let yet another incident pass without taking action."

Please go to Seeing The Forest to read the rest.