Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New National Poll Gives Obama 14-Point Lead

On the day of the last presidential debate and despite weeks of vicious personal attacks from Republicans, there's yet more good news for the Obama-Biden team in the form of a new CBS News/New York Times poll. that shows the Democratic ticket with a 14-point national lead over the McCain-Palin fear-mongering brigade.

That margin in favor of Obama was only three percent before last week's Town Hall debate, demonstrating again that the Democratic nominee's calm, intelligent debate performances have had a large impact on American voters.

The poll, released Tuesday, shows that 53 percent of likely voters intend to vote for Obama while only 39 percent say they're delusional enough to vote for John McCain.

In other poll results, 69 percent of respondents say Obama has the "personality and temperament" to be president while only 53 percent say that about McCain.

Sixty-four percent say Obama "understands your needs and problems" which is 20 percent more than say the same about the Republican nominee.

Finally, respondents who watched last week's presidential debate overwhelmingly think that Obama won. Only 18 percent think McCain prevailed, while 57 percent believe Obama again won the night.

The remaining 25 percent fell asleep while McCain spoke -- OK, I made that last one up