Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Saturday Cartoons

I'm very happy to announce that editorial cartoonist Chan Lowe of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale has given me permission to run his work and we lead our round-up today with some of his cartoons.

Chan has been the Sun-Sentinel's first and only editorial cartoonist for the past 24 years and his work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today. He was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1990 and has won many awards for his work, including a Green Eyeshade Award and the National Press Foundation's Berryman Award.

A big thank you to Chan for his generosity. Please visit him at his blog, The Lowe-Down, to see more of his great work.

And now, on with the 'toons

* * * * *
Our friend Ann Telnaes of The Washington Post has taken a break from doing traditional editorial cartoons to focus on animations and we have a good one today. Ann does a very cool thing using the actual voices and words of her subjects in her animated work and she focuses this week on Sarah Palin's mangling of Vice-Presidential authority and the kinship this creates with a guy named Dick Cheney.

Click on the screenshot above or go here to see it.

* * * * *

And here's The Onion with a hilarious hurricane-like report on the damage done to the nation by the Bush presidency.

* * * * *
Thanks to all who have come to visit from other sites -- I'm glad you're here. But please know that this blog is about far more than the Saturday cartoons. They're merely a diversion and provide a humorous take on what's really on our minds. I primarily cover the U.S. Senate but also write about presidential politics and White House activities as well. So please take a look around beyond the 'toons -- and come back soon.

All cartoons are posted with the artists' express permission to Please visit the following sites to see more work from these fine cartoonists:

Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle
Tony Auth, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Matt Davies, NY Journal News
Paul Jamiol, Jamiol's World
Chan Lowe, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Mike Luckovich, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Jack Ohman, Portland Oregonian
Dwane Powell, Raleigh News & Observer
Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Ann Telnaes, Syndicated Political Cartoonist
Todd Umbarger, Political Cartoonist and Illustrator