Monday, March 21, 2005

Easy Ways To Vote With Your Cash

Want to start voting with your wallet and hitting right-leaning businesses where they live? I'm here to help and I'm going to make it real easy on you.

Thanks to Federal Election Commission regulations, we know who gives what to whom, whether on a personal or corporate basis. It makes no sense to work so hard to bounce George W. Bush from office while supporting businesses that placed him right back in that same office.

Unfortunately, spending in a way that supports your beliefs and values can be a hard goal to accomplish. You can't boycott everyone and, to be sure, most companies want to cozy up to Republicans. But there are some clear-cut candidates for a liberal boycott, where there is an easy, more-Democratic alternative that does not so clearly favor the Republican party.

For example, instead of belonging to Sam's Club, which gives 80 percent of its money to Republicans, join Costco, an outfit that gives to Democrats to the tune of 98 percent.

Dell Computers gives a massive amount of money to Bush, Republican candidates and the RNC. Don't buy what is now a commodity item from them when you can get the same thing from true-blue Gateway whose owner, Ted Waitt, supports all liberal causes.

Want to stay at a higher-end hotel? In an industry chock full of Republican-donating shills, Hyatt and Loews corporations give about 90 percent of their donations to Democratic causes and candidates. Rest your weary bones at one of their places.

When flying, take Jet Blue and Aloha Airlines whenever possible. They're almost all Blue and a much better choice than our worst air-travel citizen, Southwest Airlines, which gives almost all to Bush and the crooks on the Red team.

Feeling bad about driving Mom and Pop coffee shops out of business when you visit Starbucks? Don't feel too guilty. While Mom and Pop may also be good Democrats, Starbucks executives gave 100 percent of their donations to Democratic candidates in 2004.

These are just a few instances where you can put your money where your beliefs are and with very little pain or suffering. Let's put the economic hurt on those who oppose those beliefs. For more information, please visit Choose The Blue or