Sunday, March 20, 2005

Reader: "your president" comment not appropriate

A reader writes...

Dear Bob;

I read your blog every day and enjoy it a lot. I do take issue with something you wrote in your response to the writer who asked to see more of your son and less of you.

You said that your son "doesn't really care for YOUR president" and no matter how much I would have preferred Kerry I think that once the elections [sic] over we need to pull together and make him OUR president.

Other than that keep up the good work.


Dear Joseph,

Thank you very much for your comments and for being a faithful reader of the Yellow Dog Blog. But, I disagree with you on this. This is not two teams having beers after a hard-fought softball game. This is a president who was not even legitimately elected in 2000 and, running with the benefit of incumbency, has by extension questionable legitimacy in the last election as well.

His crew also ran a slimy, dishonest campaign that has become the hallmark of being a Republican and his policies are so repugnant that Americans from far-left liberals to moderate Republicans have been alienated.

He mislead the country into war, is bankrupting our economy, has made us hated throughout the world and is intent on turning our environment over to the oil industry.

This guy is dangerous in word and deed. He will never be my president.

Thanks again for your thoughts.