Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Local: Flood And Lawyer Scour Brooklyn Looking For Republican Judge

You guessed it: Faster than George W. Bush can kick an AARP member, outgoing Irvington Mayor Dennis Flood and his Albany-supplied attack dog are hoping they can find one of their own on the Appellate bench in Brooklyn.

That's the only hope they have to reverse two rulings by New York State Supreme Court Justice Joan Lefkowitz that have declared Democrat Erin Malloy the duly elected Mayor of that town.

In the absence of finding a Republican judge who is wise to his or her party's standard practice of disenfranchising voters, Flood's efforts at undermining Irvington residents will soon be over.

Which will leave this lovely village's voters to ask themselves the same question that many women have asked in their lives: What did I ever see in this guy?