Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tony Perkins and David Duke Go Way Back

"Justice Sunday" promoter Tony Perkins of the ultra-conservative Family Research Council sure knows how to live those warm, fuzzy Christian values.

It seems that in 1996, Perkins paid $82,000 to David Duke – yes, that David Duke – for his Ku Klux Klan mailing list. This was apparently in an effort to recruit more kind-hearted religious people into his fold.

Perkins also gave a speech to the Council of Conservative Citizens, a big-time white supremacist group four years ago. You can get a charming shirt like this at their web site:

Read all about this and more in Max Blumenthal's excellent article, Justice Sunday Preachers, in The Nation.

I know it won't exactly blow you away to read about what astounding hypocrites these people are, but it's a great read just the same.