Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Conservative Reader Tries To Write

A conservative reader picked up his crayon and wrote...

Dear yellow dog,

What a shame that you couldn't suck it up and show some patriotism on memorial day. What's the matter, were you afraid some Bush supporter would kick your ass or something? If you really are a decorated vet, what were you decorated for running from conflict?

I would have thought that even a whiney [sic] lib would at least put aside their hatred of the president for one day.

Why don't you move away if you still feel that way next year?

Go Bush!


Dear [once again, unsigned, conservative coward];

Thank you for reading The Yellow Dog Blog and for your thoughtful comments about my Memorial Day piece. I normally expect so little from you conservatives and I'm willing to admit that I'm wrong when one of you approaches a fifth-grade level of writing – good job! Have a cookie.

Now to your point. No, I wasn't afraid of being beat up by some big, bad Republican – not only because I'm a pretty big guy, but also because you guys are more accustomed to picking on children and the elderly. I suspect I might give one of you a bit more difficulty than someone in Head Start or a nursing home.

Memorial Day is about those who have given their lives for our country and not an appropriate place for me to vent my spleen. I made very clear that I did not believe it was fitting for me to bring my personal politics into a Memorial Day observance. On top of that, I cannot deal with the hypocrisy of Republicans who march in a Memorial Day parade, while supporting an administration whose lies have led to the deaths of more American military personnel.

And the more you conservative yokels urge any of us with criticisms about our country to leave, the more you show your total ignorance about what a free nation really is.

However, I do agree with your closing. Go, Bush. Please. Just go!

Thanks for reading.