Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Eminem's "Mosh"

While it feels strange to be a 47-year-old suburban father who believes rapper Eminem is as brilliant as he is profane, I've listened to his song "Mosh" multiple times while working out this week. You need to hear it yourself to feel its power, but have a look at excerpts of the lyrics:

They tell us no we say yeah, they tell us stop we say go

Rebel with a rebel yell, raise hell we gonna let em know
Stomp, push, shove, mush, Fuck Bush, until they bring our troops home


Imagine it pouring, just raining down on us
Mosh pits outside the oval office
Someone's tryin' tell us something,
Maybe this is god just sayin' we're responsible
For this monster, this coward,
That we have empowered
This is Bin Laden, look at his head noddin'
How could we allow something like this without pumping our fists now
This is our final hour
Let me be the voice and your strength and your choice
Let me simplify the rhyme just to emplify the noise
Try to amplify it times it, and multiply by six
Teen million people, All equal at this high pitch
Maybe we can reach Al Queda through my speech
Let the president answer a higher anarchy
Strap him with an Ak-47, let him go, fight his own war
Let him impress daddy that way
No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil
No more psychological warfare, to trick us to thinking that we ain't loyal
If we don't serve our own country, we're patronizing a hero
Look in his eyes its all lies
The stars and stripes, they've been swiped, washed out and wiped
And replaced with his own face, Mosh now or die
If I get sniped tonight you'll know why,
Cause I told you to fight.

And as we proceed,
To Mosh through this desert storm,
In these closing statements, if they should argue
Let us beg to differ
As we set aside our differences
And assemble our own army
To disarm this Weapon of Mass Destruction
That we call our President, for the present
And Mosh for the future of our next generation
To speak and be heard
Mr. President, Mr. Senator
Do you guys hear us?