Monday, June 20, 2005

No More Reaching Across The Damn Aisle: Reason Number 402

They can't even leave Bill Clinton alone when he's left office and suffered through some significant health problems.

As pointed out on my favorite site,
Crooks and Liars, Matt Drudge, the Main Man among conservative bloggers, has this charming little item on his site today:

Yep, that's Bill Clinton kissing another woman and it's obviously a secret photo taken in the dark, right?

No! Don't let the conservative lie machine fool you. Let's go right to the source of this photo, a fellow writer at the
Philly blog who took this picture and others in broad daylight, when attending a Kerry-Edwards rally last fall.

And while this is totally a guess on my part, I would bet a month's pay that the woman kissing Clinton is actress Mary Steenburgen. It certainly looks like her. She was actively campaigning for Kerry at the time and, more importantly, she's an Arkansas native who is a longtime friend of the Clinton family. (This would also explain how she's able to get so close to an ex-president with his Secret Service guys around.)

But even if the woman is just a zealous well-wisher in the crowd, you have to wonder – as we so often do – just how low are Republicans willing to go to get Bill Clinton?