Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cindy Sheehan's Mother Has Stroke

Cindy Sheehan got word late this afternoon that her 74-year-old mother in Los Angeles has suffered a stroke. Along with her sister, she left Texas immediately to be by her mother's side.

Part of the announcement from

Cindy's mother has just had a stroke. Cindy and her sister have left Crawford to visit with her mother. We encourage you to come to Crawford to support the other military families who have lost their children to this war and bring a card for Cindy's mother.
Camp Casey spokeswoman Michelle Mulkey said Sheehan hoped to be back in Texas in a day or two, depending on her mother's condition.

There are other families who have lost loved ones in Iraq remaining at Camp Casey and vowing to stay until George W. Bush goes back to Washington. If you can get to Crawford, please go and help continue Cindy Sheehan's mission.

Meanwhile, I'm going to investigate whether or not Camp Casey will be relocating to Pennsylvania Avenue in early September.