Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another Day, Another Bad Bush Poll

Here's SurveyUSA checking in with its 50-state tracking poll and – surprise, surprise – President Bush's approval-rating outlook is darker than Ann Coulter's heart.

SurveyUSA's 50-state, weighted average shows Bush with a lowly 41 percent approval rating. (At least he can take solace in the fact that his numbers are better than California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's, who had a dismal 36 percent approval rating in last month's SurveyUSA poll.)

Bush's approval rating is at 50 percent or better in only nine states – and I would bet they're the states where Fox News enjoys its highest ratings. My home state of Nebraska gives Bush a 55-percent vote of confidence, thus confirming why I left home when I was 18 and never looked back.

Rhode Island, where the president's approval rating is scraping bottom at 29 percent, likes Bush the least, with Massachusetts, Delaware and California not far behind.

Depressing result: Missouri and Ohio, give Bush only 38 percent and 37 percent approval ratings, respectively. While it's nice to see these states come around, the whole country would have been better off if they had been better informed oh, I don't know, a year ago! With only one of those states in the Kerry-Edwards column, George W. Bush would now have even more free time to ignore Cindy Sheehan.

Bring on those mid-term elections!