Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Even New York Post On Bush's Butt

Yes, that New York Post. The conservative rag. The tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch. The one that fights the Washington Times for the undisputed title of "the Fox News of newspapers."

But its editorial on Friday, "Go to Ohio, Mr. President," was a departure from its usually-conservative editorial slant and a hard slap at a president who appears to be missing a heart as well as a brain.

Despite the bloodiness of the last week and the severe loss of military life in Iraq, Bush remained steadfast in his desire to take August off and clear brush in Crawford.

Yeah, you're a real wartime president, Mr. Bush.

In discussing Bush's clarification last week that the United States is indeed at war and not in a "struggle against violent extremism," The Post urged Bush to actually act like a leader.

"It's reason enough why Bush shouldn't let the matter rest with his disclaimer," said the Post editorial. "What else should he do? Show some leadership — starting with a visit to Brook Park, Ohio."

The Post is referring to the Ohio town that is home to the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment. That's the unit that lost 20 Marines in separate incidents near the Syrian border last week. But, true to its status as more of a Republican cheerleader than a real newspaper, the Post gives Bush way too much credit.

Bill Clinton would be in Brook Park. Jimmy Carter would have been there without prompting. Hell, Reagan and Bush Senior probably would have gone.

But not this president. He's on vacation.