Monday, August 15, 2005

What You Should Watch Tonight

Turn your television off for just 30 minutes tonight and get on your computer. I have some recommended viewing that will feed your heart, soul and mind.

Shannon Wimmer, a filmmaker from Austin, went to Camp Casey on August 10 and has edited his footage into a wonderful short called "One Day at Camp Casey."

Riding in his car, on the way to Crawford, Wimmer expressed why he was making the trip:

"My biggest reason for going, simplified, is a true Texan – not like out current "president" – wouldn't let a grieving mother sit on the side of the road without stopping to see if they can help. So, she's not a Texas native, she doesn't live here. I am a Texas native, I do live here. So I'm going to go help this lady."
The other thing you should see is the 18 minutes or so of Cindy Sheehan speaking to a gathering in Crawford on Saturday. You can see it at and, if it's possible to admire this woman more, you will after you see her talk.

And that's your reality viewing for tonight.